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 Bayou Title, Inc. - Metairie
2626 N. Arnoult Rd., Suite 130
Metairie, Louisiana 70002
Phone: (504) 887-1780
FAX: (504) 887-5292

Map this Location

Our Metairie office is located on North Arnoult between Veterans Boulevard and the I-10 Service Road. The building is next to Enterprise Car Sales and behind the Outback Steakhouse.


Meet the Metairie Staff:

Name Position Phone
Ashley Cummins Preclosing (504) 887 - 1780
Brenda Anderson Marketing (504) 887 - 1780
Kathy Case Marketing (504) 887 - 1780
Brittany Tarantino
Preclosing (504) 887 - 1780
Jamie Gonzales
Preclosing (504) 887 - 1780
Tom Donelon Closing Attorney (504) 887 - 1780
Ellen Mullins Closing Attorney (504) 887 - 1780
Lauri Joachim Preclosing (504) 887 - 1780

Assessed Value

The valuation placed on property by a public tax assessor for purposes of taxation.


The increase in the value of a property due to changes in market conditions, inflation, or other causes.


An individual qualified by education, training, and experience to estimate the value of real property and personal property. Although some appraisers work directly for mortgage lenders, most are independent.

Appraised Value

An opinion of a property's fair market value, based on an appraiser's knowledge, experience, and analysis of the property. Since an appraisal is based primarily on comparable sales, and the most recent sale is the one on the property in question, the appraisal usually comes out at the purchase price.